When soggy bagels are all I can think about

Yesterday I ran 10 km in the National Capital Race Weekend. Two years ago I traned for about three months, and finished in 58 minutes. This time around I put in a week of half-assed training and came in at 1 hour, 3 minutes. Not bad.

The thing with 10 km is that I get really bored at the 8 km mark, and I have to think of reasons to keep running. Invariably, it’s the post-run bagel that gets me going. They’re soft and bready, ever-so-slightly-soggy from sitting in a plastic bag, and they’re cold. But after 10 km, they taste like the most delicious thing in the world.

Alas! By the time I got to the food tent, all the bagels were gone! Yargh!

I had to settle for several bananas, apple slices and one orange slice (I think I got the last one, so there). I also had some free yogurt and lots of red radioactive gatorade.

Maybe it’s those five minutes that make the difference between getting a post-run bagel and not getting a post-run bagel. I guess I’ll run faster next time.


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