Exploding pizza! Ka-boom!

Today I went to Future Shop, where I fondled a brushed chrome Kitchenaid Mixer.

Then Paul and I went to Steph’s place where he and his wife were making lasagna from scratch. Like, from scratch: home-made noodles, sauce, five kinds of cheese (they would have made the cheese too, had they had the time and the cows)…

They put the whole mixture in a pyrex baking dish and put it on the barbecue. Twenty minutes later we removed the lid to reveal a mess of cheese, tomato sauce, and shattered glass. The entire container had spontaneously shattered into a million pieces, rendering the lasagna an inedible, cheesy mess. It looked like ice cubes, except that it was broken pyrex. We left it for the raccoons (is that mean?) and called up the pizza place.


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