Pickles and pigs! (Piggles?)

I’m a big fan of The Greedy Pig for its thoughtful, well-executed food. The menu’s simple (mostly sandwiches and salads, lovely mains, and an excellent charcuterie selection) but everything is really tasty and well-executed.

Yesterday’s special was the pulled pork sandwich with side salad. The sandwich was…fine. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was good. The pork was beautifully tender, but the pulled pork sauce was a little too sour for my liking:  very spicy and flavourful (hints of bourbon, maybe?), but too sour and too tomato-y.  The rest of the sandwich was nice: the squishy bun soaked up flavour from the pork and the creamy-but-not-sickly coleslaw added a great crunch. If the coleslaw had been cut a little bit finer, I would have been happier.

But my god, the pickle. The sandwich is served with a half-pickle: sliced diagonally, speared with a toothpick, and quite honestly the best pickle I’ve ever had. It embodied pickleness in its full glory: it was crisp, crunchy, refreshing, salty, sour and tasty. They’re made in-house, and I want to go back and buy jars of the stuff.

Go for the sandwich, stay for the pickle.

The Greedy Pig
307 W. Cordova Street, Vancouver
(604) 669-4991

Greedy Pig on Urbanspoon


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