A sad avocado day

There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get when I cut open a perfectly ripe avocado.  By perfectly ripe, I mean it’s yellow and green inside (no brown in sight) and the flesh is firm and smooth.  Quite seriously, it makes me happy and on the inside I do a happy avocado dance.

This was not one of those mornings.  I opened up an avocado and the inside was a mess of bruises and those gross stringy things.  Boo-urns.


2 responses to “A sad avocado day

  1. well that’s not very delicious. anyway, please comment on my “glog” on osmosus! in my most recent one i want you to participate. maybe you can grow avocados. if you read my glog you will understand.

  2. thewelltemperedchocolatier

    I’ve tried to grow avocados, with zero success. And this summer I grew three of the most expensive tomatoes that ever existed.

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