No tears for Argentina.

I’m not really a wine connisseur. I’ve gotten a lot better at tasting wine and being able to pick out the flavours and aromas, but I’m the first to admit that my palate is pretty underdeveloped. Generally, I like red wine a lot more than white. Red wine’s an all-year kind of wine: it keeps you cozy in the winter, and in the summer it makes a lovely sangria. White wine usually just gives me a headache.

So last night’s social at The Greedy Pig meant that I got to drink the cheapest thing on their wine list, which is a Finca Los Primos Malbec.  It has a really pleasing jammy flavour, and isn’t too tannic.  At $6 a glass ($30 a bottle) it’s a pretty economical drink for a night out.  It’s even better if you can find it at the liquor store, as it currently lists for just under $10.  

I also really like the Trapiche Malbec, which retails for about $12 in BC.  It’s a little spicy, and less jammy than the Los Primos, but it’s really tasty. 

It occurs to me that I might just be a fan of Argentinian wine, because another one of my standbys is Casillero del Diablo Shiraz.  It usually ends up on wine lists as being a “good value” pick, and I agree.  It’s really lovely wine for the $14 price tag.


2 responses to “No tears for Argentina.

  1. i too love malbec (and all other tastes of argentina!). i’m not sure if you can get it here, but another to try is the “familia di tomasso” – it was my favourite bodega on account of the wine, food, setting and far-too-friendly dog.

  2. thewelltemperedchocolatier

    Does the far-too-friendly dog come with purchase?

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