I could live on bread and water…

…but only if the bread came from Terra Breads and I could choose from anything that they make.  My all-time favourite is the fig & anise loaf, which is dark and dense with pockets of licorice-y goodness and dark dried figs.  However, the green olive loaf is a close second.  Their levain loaf uses a mixture of white and whole wheat flour, and is leavened using a sourdough starter.  The resulting texture is yeasty and porous, with a satisfyingly crunchy crust.  

It’s expensive stuff – about $5 for a large loaf – but well worth it.  The only trouble is, it doesn’t last that long.  I dare you not to eat an entire loaf in a day or two. 

Terra Breads
various locations in Vancouver
Terra Breads Cafe on Urbanspoon


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