Thank goodness for old habits

I used to make big vats of soup on Sundays and then freeze individual portions for when things got crazy.  It’s more of a winter thing than a summer thing, because when things are crazy in summer I eat salads or scrambled eggs. 

I came home tonight starving and in no mood to cook (rare, but it happens).  Thank goodness old habits die hard, because I had one portion of butternut squash soup left in the freezer.  Five minutes later, I’m transferring it from saucepan to soup bowl, and I’m happy again. 

Incidentally, it was a butternut squash and potato soup, with nutmeg.  I’m telling you, squash and nutmeg is a beautiful combination.  You can’t beat spaghetti squash with a touch of maple syrup and lots of nutmeg.  It’s great for rainy days, pajamas and movies.

Also, did you know that it’s Joe Biden’s birthday tomorrow?  I didn’t, but I’m glad that Barack Obama remembered.  (Check out the picture in the article.  Biden looks so pleased with the cupcakes!)


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