A post made up entirely of questions

Have you seen these McDonald’s commercials for the new Angus Burger, featuring a bakery-style bun?

What, exactly, is a bakery-style bun? Is it a bun that’s made somewhere other than a bakery? Does this mean that there is a particular style of bun that is made at bakeries? If so, why don’t I know about this?

I mean, why bother to call it a bakery-style bun? Why not just call it a bun?


3 responses to “A post made up entirely of questions

  1. It’s a more like a bread cut in 2 halves rather than a typical hamburger bun. i kinda like it.. and an entire piece of lettuce!!! None of the cheap chopped up iceburg stuff found in McChicken, Big Mac and other typical McD burgers.

  2. Bakery-style bun, eh? Just another one of those marketingspeak phrases that drives me bonkers because it means, in essence, nothing. Somehow throwing the word “bakery” in there seems to give the burger cachet, but — please — it’s still a fast-food patty on a roll, right?

    I’m with you on this one.


  3. Marketingspeak, indeed. I think that calling it a bakery-*style* bun just highlights the difference between McDonald’s and real food. If it were a bun, that’s fine. The use of the word *style* implies that it isn’t a bakery bun, but an imitation of one. By extension, it implies that the bakery-style bun isn’t an actual foodstuff, but an imitation of one. Thankfully for McDonald’s, I doubt that most people are bothered by this.

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