Whip it (whip it good)

The Whip is one part art gallery, one part restaurant, and one part bar. Given that it’s on a less-gentrified stretch of Main Street, it’s also a popular hipster hangout – but please don’t hold that against it.

I met Elisa for brunch there on the weekend, and the quality of food really blew me away. I’ve only had evening appetizers there, and while the food was well-prepared, it wasn’t terribly inventive or amazing. Apparently they’ve got the A-team working weekend brunch, because it was some kind of wonderful.

We shared a quiche of creamy, tangy goat cheese with roasted tomatoes in a lovely flaky crust, served with a side salad. The quiche was light and eggy, the salad perfectly dressed. Quiche and salad is so deceptively easy to do that a lot of places mess it up – but The Whip passed the test.

We also got the French toast special, which was super-thick bread (technical term, this “super-thick bread”) stuffed full of cream cheese and sliced strawberries. You read that correctly: it was stuffed French toast. I’ve had stuffed French toast before, at some cooler-than-the-cat’s-pajamas breakfast place in Toronto, and I didn’t like it. This time around, I liked it. A lot. Maybe it was that I didn’t expect the stuffing, or maybe it was the insane deliciousness of the French toast. It came with a giant portion of whipped cream and spiked maple syrup. Yum.

As if that weren’t luxurious enough, we finished the meal off with hot chocolate and Bailey’s.

A word to the wise: it’s really cold in there. I sat next to the heat lamp but I still had to wear my scarf and coat.

The Whip Restaurant and Gallery
208 East 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
www.thewhiprestaurant.comWhip Gallery on Urbanspoon


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