New year, new resolutions

I always make New Year’s resolutions, and I usually do keep them. The trick is in crafting resolutions that you’re likely to keep.

For instance, for 2007, I resolved to have more fun and eat more macaroons. That was a good year.

For 2008, I resolved to learn how to play the accordion. Heh. That one didn’t quite work out.

So, for 2009, I resolve to:

  • eat at all of Andrey Durbach’s restaurants. I’ve already eaten at Pied a Terre, so I just need to make my way to La Buca and Parkside.
  • stop eating at the same places all the damn time, even if they’re good. For instance, I’ve yet to eat at La Quercia, Campagnolo, or Les Faux Bourgeois.
  • be more present. The wheels in my head are always chugging along, and I’d like to take a few moments to just sit and be present.
  • run the 10km Vancouver Sun Run in under 60 minutes. I ran 10km in 2005 and 2007 for National Capital Race Weekend and came in at 58 minutes and 62 minutes, respectively.

7 responses to “New year, new resolutions

  1. I want to run the sun run under 1 hour too!

  2. oooh i’ve been dying to go to those restaurants too! one of my resolutions was to eat out less, but i may have to make exceptions for new restaurants 🙂

  3. I was able to squeak in Campagnolo on New Year’s eve (amazing) but the rest of those (including the running) are on my list too. Also: drink more water. happy new year!

  4. Happy new year, lovelies!

    mel, maybe we can keep each other on track. I’m notoriously bad at training.

    col, i think that’s a legitimate exception to your resolution.

    degan, I’m glad you got a chance to try Campagnolo. You’ll have to tell me about it sometime. And drinking more water – I always forget about that one.

  5. I went to Le Faux Bourgeois a few months ago – good food and not too pricey (and a block from my old place.. wish it had been there when I was living there!).

    I’ve been itching to try Campagnolo too.

    Dine out??

  6. oops
    by Dine out?? I meant – are you doing any Dine Out restaurants? i would be up for a night out

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