Ganache Patisserie: Marron et chocolat

marron et chocolat

Marron et chocolat: mocha brownie biscuit, praline crunch, chestnut-whisky mousseline, chestnut cake, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate velvet aspect, icing sugar dust.

The foundation of mocha brownie biscuit is delightfully dense, slightly chewy and oh-so-chocolatey. The thinnest possible layer of hazelnut praline crunch lies between the brownie and a layer of chestnut-whisky mousseline that’s so light it tastes like chestnut air.

The middle layer is a chestnut cake made with almond flour, so it’s slightly nutty and perfectly moist, with good chestnut flavour. Add in another layer of mousseline, and then diagonally-piped dark chocolate ganache. It tastes like it was made with chocolate from Venezuela: slightly fruity, with citrus notes.

The whole thing is finished with a “velvet aspect”, a fancy technique where chocolate is diluted with cocoa butter, heated, and sprayed onto a very cold dessert. It creates a surface that looks like velvet, hence the name. A light dusting of icing sugar gives a subtle but classy finish.

The dessert has a lovely flavour profile, starting with chesnut, mellowing to the hazelnut praline, and finishing with dark chocolate undertones. There’s a nice mixture of chewy (brownie), creamy (mousseline) and crispy (hazelnut praline) textures. Well-designed, well-executed…well done!

Ganache Patisserie
1262 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC
Ganache Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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