Dine Out Vancouver: January 14-February 1

I don’t go crazy for Dine Out Vancouver, but I think it’s a great opportunity (and excuse) to try out restaurants that I otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to. If I really like something, I’ll go back for the real deal, like a chef’s tasting menu with all the wine pairings. But until the day that this blog pays my bills, I’ll have to be happy with Dine Out Vancouver.

In past years, I’ve tried organizing people and then booking tables. This year, I’m doing the opposite. I have tables booked at db Bistro Moderne, Parkside, and YEW. Now I have to find people to eat with. I’m sure it’ll be tough.


4 responses to “Dine Out Vancouver: January 14-February 1

  1. because of my resolution to eat out less, i’m going to control myself…i’m only going to go to one restaurant…it was between West and Parkside and I got Parkside. Mm food.

  2. realllyy…. well if you are looking for a table filler let me know !

  3. Kate – I’ll email you in the next couple of days, once I sort my schedule out.

  4. The first time I did Dine Out I went to Parkside. I love how it’s tucked amongst the West End’s low-rise apartment buildings. I had an amazing butternut squash ravioli and one of the best desserts of my life — a sticky toffee pudding, heavy on the sticky.

    Hope your Dine Out night at Parkside is as tasty as mine was 🙂

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