Top five food moments: #2





I love anticipation. I think it’s one of the most intense and productive emotions, because it makes me excited for the future, makes me plan what I’m going to do, and keeps me focused on my goal.

Now that I’ve said that, it shouldn’t be too surprising that numbers one and two on my list have to do with anticipation.

Number two has to do with buying ingredients. At its best, it would involve buying ingredients from a farmer’s market, where you’ve had conversations with the growers or producers and can see how much love, effort and labour went into what you bought. But sometimes I’ll pick up random items at the market or grocery store, with no real plan of what to do with them. I just feel this primal urge to buy it and figure out how to make it tasty.

It’s kind of like buying lottery tickets: I never buy them expecting to win, but I really like the conversation in my head where I think about what I would do with the money if I won.

So I go grocery shopping and buy random things just so that I can figure out what to do with them. It means time spent poring over cookbooks, looking at what else I have in my fridge, and focusing my time and energy into figuring out how I’m going to make this random ingredient beautiful and tasty.

Out of all my top five, this is probably the longest moment. The others are intense but very brief, while this one is steadier and more drawn out.

Published by: Eagranie

7 years as a chemist + 9 months of culinary school + 2 years as a pastry chef & chocolatier + a lifetime of writing = this blog. This blog won't always be about chocolate, but it will almost certainly be about food. The name of the blog is a triple play on words. 1. It's a nod to my training as a classical pianist. Among other fantastic accomplishments, J.S. Bach combined technical prowess with artistic inspiration and penned the 24 preludes & fugues that make up The Well-Tempered Clavier, Books I and II. 2. In order to behave properly, chocolate needs to be tempered. In a nutshell, tempering prompts the chocolate to assume its most stable crystalline form (beta prime, if you're interested) so that it is shiny, snappy, and as stable as it can be. 3. Depending on my mood and how we meet, you might agree that I'm well-tempered. Or not.

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