Poutine, c’est tres bon!

After my poutine post yesterday, I thought I’d do something a little unusual: a guest post. Kind of.

My dear friend John is from Manchester, but please don’t hold it against him. He posted the following picture and words on a Facebook page, and it was just too good not to share. I think it also illustrates that I’m not the only crazy one who loves poutine. In fact, poutine bridges all cultural and generational gaps. I’m sure of it.

And guest post starts…now!

Poutine, food of the gods.

Poutine, food of the gods.

It is with great joy that I present for your culinary pleasure, a great Canadian Institution. Behold…

The Poutine!

Quake in the presence of its greasy, cheesy goodness.

This is an impossibly good mixture of crisp french fries, cheese curds and gravy. Standing on Granville Street at 3am, swaying with booze and inhaling one of these puppies is almost akin to standing outside Th’Owd chippy with a tray of chips, gravy n cheese.


3 responses to “Poutine, c’est tres bon!

  1. I love poutine. I made it for a food blogging event last year, and have been hooked ever since. We have a cheesemaker locally that makes fresh cheddar curds, they’re absolutely divine.

    I’m determined to make it up to Canada one of these just to do a poutine crawl.

  2. Well, now. I am MOST humbled by my suprise appearance as ‘guest blogger’. I didn’t prepare a speech, but I’d thank my agent if I had one. Should you ever have any blog inchges you need filling, remember I’m on standby with good-to-go posts on spotted dick, scotch eggs and black pudding…

    As an aside, I’m am gracing Burgoo with my stodge-loving, carniverous presence for the very first time next week. Watch this space…

  3. Columbus Foodie, it’s definitely worth a trip to have real Quebecois poutine.

    John, I know what spotted dick is, but I still don’t like seeing it in the same sentence as your name. 😀

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