Review: Sharffen Berger Tome Acu

I’m usually pretty skeptical of marketing copy, so I when my contact at Sharffen Berger told me about the utter amazingness of their Tome Acu bar, I took it with a grain of salt.

Well, I’m a believer. And you know what, I will eat my words – as long as those words are made of Tome Acu chocolate.

Sharffen Berger Tome Acu 68% cacao

Sharffen Berger Tome Acu 68% cacao

This chocolate is absolutely extraordinary. It really does taste like pears and apples, reminiscent of ice wine. There might be some apricot in there, too. I swear, it even seems juicy.

The flavour profile is lovely: top notes of dark chocolate, followed by the freshness and fruitiness of the pear and apple. And then there’s a nice, long finish on the back of your tongue and throat, and the slightest tannic pucker on your tongue.

Dark chocolate is usually associated with darker flavours – if it had to be a wine, it would be a full-bodied red. Well, this Tome Acu bar is a chilled, late harvest Vidal icewine shared with friends after a marvelous dinner party.

I think it’s worth reading about what the chocolate-maker thinks about this one.

2 responses to “Review: Sharffen Berger Tome Acu

  1. Where can you pick up this amazing sounding treat?

  2. I don’t have access to any Sharffen Berger, but if you’d like to win a free box of Lake Champlain Chocolates truffles, you can enter via Twitter.

    Absolutely free, no strings.

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