Bacon explosion

Would you like bacon with your bacon? Okay, how about sausage with your bacon? Wait, actually – how about you weave a mat out of bacon, cover it with Italian sausage, top it with more bacon, and then string the whole thing up? And then, let’s say – hypothetically – that you take this bundle of pork product goodness, slather it with barbecue sauce, and then put it in a smoker for two hours?

Well, my friends, you’d have a bacon explosion.

I can’t even take credit for having discovered it. My dear friend Roxy passed it on after seeing an article in the New York Times.

Does anyone have a smoker? I’ll bring the bacon and Italian sausage.


3 responses to “Bacon explosion

  1. josephwuorigami

    Oh, but there’s more! I give you the Turbaconducken!

  2. Dear gawd. My cholesterol went through the roof just looking at it.

    (It’s not a “real” turducken though, as the real thing calls for deboned birds. I tried it in New Orleans last year…will have to post about it.)

  3. josephwuorigami

    Interesting side note: CBC TV news picked up the Bacon Explosion story today, too.

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