Parkside to Become La Buca 2.0

It’s official. My devotion to something – anything – is a kiss of death. Here are things that I loved that have been discontinued (or changed for the worse):

  • Body Shop grapeseed body butter
  • Body Shop pink peppercorn perfume oil
  • H2O+ Aquafirm skincare products (the entire freaking line!)
  • Thomas Haas pink grapefruit campari white chocolate truffles
  • the old recipe for White Spot mac & cheese
  • the old recipe for Peek Freans fruit jelly cookies

Well, you can add Parkside to that list. Scout Magazine broke the news first, and it came up at last night’s food blogger dinner. Parkside is set to become La Buca 2.0. I suppose it’s better than the entire space shutting down, but that’s still small consolation. I finally had the chance to eat there, lurrrved it, and now it’s leaving me.

Well, now I have an unavoidable excuse to try that six-course Chef’s menu. Who wants to join me?


One response to “Parkside to Become La Buca 2.0

  1. i’m planning on checking it out before it closes up (which i am somewhat torn about – i know i’ll only learn that i love it – but however). the chef’s menu sounds intriguing.

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