My dad loves hamburgers

My dad makes me smile. He appears to be the most unemotional man on the face of the planet, but I’ve learned how to read him.

My mom doesn’t eat beef. Never has, never will. And while she claims that it’s okay if you cook it in her house, I’ve never tried. I suspect that there would be much fussing if I did.

So, when my dad and I get together without my mom, we eat beef. And there are few things that make me smile more than when my dad calls to say, “hi, just thinking of you. Wondering if you want to go for burgers this week.”


4 responses to “My dad loves hamburgers

  1. I think that’s what I miss most about living in Vancouver while my parents live in Ontario – just having a parent call up and say, “I was thinking of you. Lets get together”.

  2. I never go out for burgers. Ever. My husband loves them, but he never complains. My out-of-town brother visited this week with his girlfriend, and Saturday night she said, “I really want to try In-and-Out Burger while I’m here!”

    You should have seen my husband’s face light up. I think it was his best Valentine’s Day ever, just him, me, our kids, my brother, his girlfriend, her daughter, and a table filled with big, sloppy burgers.

    Who says romance is dead?

  3. I worked as a carhop at White Spot in high school. We got free food at breaks.
    Teenager + free food = daily pig out.
    I ate a lot of double cheeseburgers.
    Thirty plus years later, I have to slow myself down at White Spot – I’m not on a 15 minute break with three Legendarys and a chocolate shake in front of me.
    Burgers may be my number one comfort food.

  4. I love that it’s the simple things in life that matter. My eloquent explanations about paprika go unnoticed, but a post about burgers – that’s where the action is.

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