Happy birthday, Elisa!

It’s Elisa’s birthday today, and I’m such a crappy friend that I didn’t have time to make her birthday pie.

That’s right, birthday pie. A few years ago, I stopped giving birthday gifts and started giving people birthday pie.

Think about it. Birthdays? Awesome. Pie? Fabulous. Birthday pie? OMG, that’s amazingly, spectacularly delicious.

Elisa, I’ll make it up to you on pi(e) day. That’s March 14, kids. Bonus points if you can tell me why that’s pi(e) day.


3 responses to “Happy birthday, Elisa!

  1. but will you serve it at 1:59 on pi(e) day?

  2. 3.14 = (pi)e day

    Do I get my extra points with some whipped cream or something?

  3. I love that I’m not the only geek. You both hide it so well, but I’m onto you now.

    Wayne – I didn’t manage to serve it at 1:59 last year, but since it’s on a Saturday this year, I might just do it.

    Marga – we can discuss payment when I see you next.

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