Ankimo: monkfish liver

With the glut of middle-of-the-road Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, it’s quite easy to go through life without actually trying some of the more unusual things that Japanese cuisine has to offer.

Well, thanks to a friend’s birthday dinner at Okada Sushi, I got to try ankimo. Ankimo is a way of preparing monkfish liver, and it’s delicious. It has a very delicate flavour: slightly fishy and slightly metallic. Apparently it’s only in season in the winter, so get it while you can.

Okada Sushi
888 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC
Okada Sushi Japanese on Urbanspoon


2 responses to “Ankimo: monkfish liver

  1. oh yum, i love monkfish liver! how’s Okadea otherwise?

  2. The sushi was good, but not great. I think Okada’s strength lies in their hot food. The black cod looked verrrrry tasty, and someone else ordered a cute little egg custard with mushrooms and tofu.

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