Black sesame

The last flavour in my box of truffles from Ganache is a black sesame truffle. Normally I love black sesame, but I’m not crazy about this truffle.

Most high-end chocolates are based on dark chocolate, because it’s a more complex flavour. White chocolate contains no actual chocolate (just cocoa butter) and I often mock fans of white chocolate as having a child’s palate.

Well, this black sesame truffle is made with white chocolate. This wacky move worked for the matcha truffle because it played the bitterness of the matcha off the sweetness of the white chocolate. Black sesame just doesn’t offer enough contrast. It’s a savoury flavour, but lacks the depth of matcha. In the end, all I’m left with is a cloyingly sweet taste on my tongue.

Also, just to be nitpicky, the shell on dipped truffles is supposed to be exceedingly thin. These truffles have a shell that’s slightly thicker than what I would like. And in the process of eating these, I got black sesame dust everywhere. Boo.


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