ChocolaTas: tea-infused chocolates

Yesterday I talked about the dent-du-midi (almond praline) at ChocolaTas. Today, it’s tea-flavoured ganaches. They make a bunch of them, including Rooibos, Kyoto Cherry Rose, and Green Tea, but I was restrained and tried just one: the Earl Grey. Earl Grey is a pretty classic flavour (we made them in culinary school), although you don’t find it often in Vancouver. Thomas Haas makes a lovely lady Earl Grey chocolate with hints of lavender and orange peel. Yum.

But this is a post about ChocolaTas, not Thomas. The ChocolaTas Earl Grey chocolate is smooth and silky and has a surprisingly clean flavour. I don’t mean surprising like I expected it to be bad, just that the tea flavour is quite pronounced and separate from the chocolate flavour. It also hints at bitterness without actually being bitter. I appreciate that kind of subtlety.

151 – 1669 Johnston St.,
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3R9


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