Chocolove Chocolatour Grenada 60% dark chocolate bar

ChocoLove’s line of Chocolatour bars is a series of single-origin, limited release chocolate bars. I tried the Grenada 60% cocoa bar. Each Chocolatour bar is numbered, and I got the 16,375th bar of the 30,000 Grenada bars that were produced.

It has a really fruity aroma, and is sweeter than you might expect. Underneath the sweetness, there’s a subtle warmth and acidity. The finish is nice and clean.

It’s not my favourite, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it. It would be interesting to taste different vintages and see how they compare.

Since this is produced in limited quantities, you need to buy this one directly from Chocolove.

P.S. No love poem with this one. However, the inside wrapper has a little story about taking a walk in Grenada. It’s no love poem, but it’s a nice substitute.


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