Seth Ellis Chocolatier blueberry truffles

Blueberry ganache. It seems so obvious, but I can’t think of a chocolatier who makes a blueberry ganache. (Anyone care to correct me?)

Apparently, Seth Ellis Chocolatier made these blueberry truffles because one of the founders’ kids wanted a blueberry truffle. I guess it pays to be a chocolatier’s kid.

Photo credit: Rick Levine

Photo credit: Rick Levine

I’ve never seen this shape before – it’s like a pyramid meets a rosette. It’s awfully pretty, with its little cap of blueberry-tinged white chocolate, a dark chocolate shell, and a white chocolate base. The blueberry ganache inside tastes different as it melds with the dark chocolate, and then the white.

The ganache is fairly subtle, possibly too subtle for my liking, but I’m still enamoured with the novelty of the blueberry-ness.

Seth Ellis chocolates are available at select locations in the Denver/Boulder area, and that page will soon be updated to reflect the five NYC Whole Foods that now carries them. You can also buy them online through It’s Only Natural Gifts or through Foodzie.


2 responses to “Seth Ellis Chocolatier blueberry truffles

  1. I make a blueberry balsamic ganache – available in-store or via email.

  2. Rachel, thanks for your comment! Yours is one of the boxes of confections whispering to me from the refrigerator – next up in the tasting line, I promise.

    (I can’t remember if the blueberry balsamic made it into the box – if not, that’s just another excuse to visit your shop again.)

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