International Food Blogger Conference

This weekend is a long weekend for Canadians as we pay our birthday respects to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Otherwise, this weekend is the first long weekend of the summer long weekend season and the deadline for gardeners to get their gardens together.

Well, I’m celebrating this long weekend by heading down to Seattle for the International Food Blogger Conference. It promises to be a fun weekend of great food, bloggers, and technology. Yay!

Don’t worry, I’ve queued up some lovely posts for you so you don’t get lonely. You know, when you’re not running around outside, tending the barbecue, or otherwise enjoying the long weekend.


2 responses to “International Food Blogger Conference

  1. Hey lady! Awesome meeting you at the IFBC. We definitely need to connect again and eat some chocolate!

    Wanna come down for the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon? More chocolate than you can stand for just $25.

  2. Traca – you had me at chocolate. I’m all signed up and ready to go…looking forward to seeing you again!

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