A toast…to toast

I remember attending a friend’s wine tasting, and tasting a white wine that tasted like broom. No joke. I was really skeptical when someone described it that way, but then I tasted it and got what they meant. I can’t say that I really enjoyed it, nor have I tasted it since, but it was definitely memorable.

Along the same lines, Soma Chocolatemaker‘s Black Science bar is a wee bit unusual. It’s a microbatch bar made of beans from Papua New Guinea, coming in at 70% cocoa content. It smells smoky and sweet, and – wait for it – tastes like toast. Toast is actually not unheard of as a chocolate tasting note, but I rarely experience it. Well, it’s in this bar, and it kind of mellows from breakfast toast to toasted almonds. It’s slightly sweeter than I expected, but not cloying. And there’s this satisfying astringent pucker on your tongue afterwards.

Tonight, I will raise a glass to unusual flavours. To broom, and toast!


5 responses to “A toast…to toast

  1. Hi Eagranie,

    I want to try that bar… I love toast 🙂

    But the Soma site link is broken –can’t find the site and I know its up because I google it ;D

  2. Hi Marga,

    The link is fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Dr. Wilder Penfield would like that bar, then. 😛

  4. Awesome, chocolate that tastes like breakfast! 🙂


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