Love for Norman Love

I’ve never been to Florida, though I think it would be entertaining to visit Miami. I have visions of beaches, svelte bodies, and skin as far as the eye can see. It’s decidedly hot and sexy. And, let’s be honest, that’s not really an aesthetic that goes well with chocolate. After all, hot + chocolate = melty mess. Sexy + chocolate…well, that one works. Now that you mention it, maybe melty mess isn’t so terrible after all.


I don’t think you can get Norman Love chocolates in Canada. That is, I’ve never seen them (and I would love to be wrong). You should have seen my face when I found them at Chocolopolis. I bought one of everything.

There are a lot of heart-shaped chocolates (Norman Love, get it?) but each one is perfectly, impeccably molded. It’s a chocolatier’s dream: impossibly thin shells that yield just so to expose the hidden gem inside.

Technique aside, these are decidedly sexy chocolates. If I didn’t know that Norman Love was based out of Florida, the chocolates would have told me. They’re brightly coloured, they’re flamboyant, they’re fun. They’re almost – but not quite – brash.

And the taste? Oh, lordy. Divine.


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