Artisan Chocolate Tasting Classes in Vancouver

I’ve collaborated with Xoxolat in the past, mostly on scotch and chocolate pairing events. We did a scotch and chocolate night for the Westcoast Chocolate Festival, and a scotch, chocolate and cheese night for Hopscotch. I’ve since been playing around with scotch and chocolate pairings, which is certainly a nice way to pretend to work.

Scotch pairings aside, I’ve been thinking about teaching a few classes on artisan chocolate. I’d really like to highlight some of my favourite chocolate makers and tell the stories behind the chocolate.

In short: I’m working with Xoxolat to develop a workshop series on artisan chocolate tasting. Details are forthcoming, but be forewarned that the sessions will be small. If you’d like a heads up before anyone else finds out, fill out the contact form below. I’ll make sure you get the goods. Well, the information goods, anyway. Until they figure out a way to transmit chocolate through the interwebs, that’ll have to do.


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