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“The Real Thing” in Edible Vancouver

The new issue of Edible Vancouver is out, and if you turn to page 12 you’ll find my article about hot chocolate. Or, read the article here. If you want the recipe, you’ll have to get an actual copy – at least, until the recipe gets indexed and posted on the site.

Copies tend to fly off the shelves pretty quickly. Get yours at one of these fine establishments. Or hey, you know what would make a great Christmas gift? You guessed it: a subscription to Edible Vancouver.


…I’m back!


Hello, lovelies. Thanks for your patience while I took a bit of a break. It was a case of life spinning madly out of control, and something had to give. While I’m sad that it was this blog, I’m glad to be back and writing. I’ve had a good think about how to balance the things I need to do with the things that I want to do, and I’ve come to a decision.

I’m going to post, at minimum, once a week. Yes, that’s significantly less than the daily posts that I started with. However, seeing as how I started this blog while I was delightfully unemployed, I think that a weekly post is a happy compromise. It’s a case of quality versus quantity. This way, I can have a week to think about what I want to say, and make it count. [So she says hopefully.]

Yup. And now we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

I’ve started working with chocolate again. I’ve been writing about it and tasting it for nearly a year now, but I really needed a break from working with it. It didn’t occur to me how much I missed it, but I’ve been experimenting for the past couple of weeks. And, I’m pleased to report, I love it again. LOVE. IT. There’s something about watching chocolate melt, playing with the temperatures, tempering it, and inspecting the final products. And, of course, eating it.

In honour of International Bacon Day, I made a batch of bacon caramels and dipped them in chocolate. Dipping the caramels was surprisingly tricky. They were softer than caramels that I’ve worked with before, so I had to work quickly before they relaxed into limpid pools of caramel goodness.

And, each caramel donated a bit of bacon fat to the bowl of chocolate. It was exceedingly generous of them, but by the end of the batch the chocolates were looking like they weren’t setting as well. I panicked a bit (oh noes! have I lost my tempering touch?) until I realized that it was a layer of bacon fat on top of the chocolate. Hrm. They did set in the end, and they were delicious, but this is a logistical detail that I’ll have to work out.

This weekend, when gifted with some fresh basil from a friend’s garden, I made some lemon-basil truffles. They’re more basil than lemon, but they taste bright and summery and delicious, and I’ll take it.

In culinary school, I always emerged from chocolate classes looking like I had taken a bath in it. I was notorious for getting two horizontal streaks, one each at chest-level and waist-level. Chest-level corresponded to the rim of the giant bowl of chocolate that I was tempering, and waist-level corresponded to the height of the granite counter.

Thankfully, I work cleaner these days. The kitchen is spotless and I didn’t get anything on my apron – though, I confess that on my evening run yesterday, I found a  streak of chocolate on my high-tech, air-wicking running shirt. The chocolate pixies must be after me. It only makes me run faster.


Oh baby, you know that I love you. And I know that I don’t take you out as often as I used to, or spend as much time doting on you, but you know that I love you. Srsly. For realz.

One of these days, I’ll make it up to you. And I’ll get all pretty and dressed up and wear stupid shoes and drink too much wine and we can get messy drunk with beautiful food. And the waiter will smile because when I get messy drunk I’m still charming and beautiful (though clearly not modest), never boorish and lame. And I tip well. And I flirt in a non-threatening way. Harrumph.

In the interim, work is really cutting into my social life and blogging life. I’ll post some fabulousness once things get back to normal. In the interim, you can get your food fix on my Twitter stream. It isn’t all about chocolate – lately, it’s about pie! and! blackberries! – but it might do in a pinch. And if you don’t get this “Twitter thing” and want me to explain it to you, then you’re out of luck. Something about 140 characters and status updates and answering life’s perpetual question, “what are you doing?” except that no one’s status updates actually answer said question.

I’ll be back shortly, I promise.

…I’m back!

After three weeks on the road, I’m back in Vancouver. I still have posts to write from my time in Boulder and Toronto, and a ton of other notes to sift through.

More important, I brought back a suitcase full of cookbooks and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Stay tuned.

Public service announcement

I’ve joined the masses on Twitter and will be posting about updates and food-related things @welltempered

Also, I really think that Twitter >>> Facebook.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to all you lovelies, The Well-Tempered Chocolatier was voted Best Food Site in the Best of 604 Awards last night. Wheeeeeee!

Thank you to everyone who voted and got the word out. I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m glad to share my food babbles with you.

Thank you.

I’m off to do a surrrious happy dance.

An occasion for dancing

Thanks to all you lovelies, The Well-Tempered Chocolatier is number 50 on WordPress’s list of 100 fastest growing blogs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Wheeeeeeee!

Excuse me, I’m going to go do my happy dance now.