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Voya’s petits fours: lemon spritz cookies

The lounge menu at Voya looks quite tempting. I mean, it’s all cute tasty things that look beautiful. We had rare tuna with ponzu sauce, on a bed of pickled daikon. The pickled daikon was really nice. The tuna was…acceptable, but not amazing.

What is amazing is that they have a petits fours plate on the lounge menu. Otherwise known as mignardise, they’re typically served after dessert with coffee. Back in my restaurant days, it was my favourite part of the meal because you got to plate so many cute things – and it was fun thinking of new things to put on the plate.

Now, there’s no mention of pastry chef Maurizio Persichino anywhere on the Voya website. It’s a shame because the pastry chef should always get billing wherever the executive and sous chef are, but it’s even more of a shame because he does such beautiful things.

The petits fours selection changes with Chef’s whim, but on this night there were lemon spritz cookies, sparkly coffee cookies, pineapple pate de fruit, cherry cordials, hazelnut praline chocolates, and coffee chocolates.

The lemon spritz cookies are beautiful. They’re little rosettes of moist, lemony goodness. The cookie has an almond base, which adds enough body and richness to the cookie without being overpowering. The best part about this cookie is the texture: the outside is crisp and slightly caramelized, while the inside is moist and slightly chewy. The whole thing is dusted in sugar and garnished with confit orange. So simple, but done so perfectly.

Voya (in the Loden Hotel)
1177 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 639-8692


Dine Out Vancouver: db Bistro Moderne, take one.

I’ve never eaten at Lumiere, nor did I get a chance to go to Feenie’s before it closed up shop. With Dine Out Vancouver offering a glimpse of what db Bistro Moderne had to offer, I figured I’d give it a try.

Actually, I tried it twice.

My first experience was a bit disappointing. It was the last sitting on the first Saturday of Dine Out Vancouver, and the crazy week had clearly taken its toll on the staff. The service was perfunctory and satisfactory, but not as welcoming as I would have expected. The food was decent, but not as well-executed as I expected. The kitchen was definitely tired.

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Art, wine and roast beef

Through the magic of Twitter, I found out about an art opening last night at the old a&b sound location on Seymour Street. It was strange to be in there, with art and video installations where there used to be CDs and posters. (Well, there was a single Jully Black poster on one wall, but we’ll ignore that.) The show featured works by Michael Morris, Paul Wong, Atilla R. Lukacs, and Ignacio Corral. Throw in some wine and food, and you have the perfect antidote to a rainy Tuesday night.

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More about edible gifts

I traded edibles with Elisa. My Christmas cookies for her preserves: one jar each of beets, blackberry jam (with the seeds, huzzah!) and pickles.

ZOMG, homemade pickles. I’m not sharing.

An anti-So.cial sandwich

For months, I’ve been meaning to go to Social at Le Magasin.  It’s a two-part restaurant, with a little bistro on Water Street and a butchershop/deli facing West Cordova.  I keep walking by the bistro and seeing signs for oysters and cheap martinis.  I haven’t even been in there, and they already know what I like!

I’ve heard great things about their sandwiches, so it was about time that I tried one.  They’re good value – I got a small sandwich for $6.75 and only managed to eat half of it.  Each sandwich also comes with a bag of homemade potato chips, which are delightfully salty and ever-so-slightly burnt.  It’s a daring but tasty move.

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Fast food cravings

Every once in a while, I get this inexplicable craving for McDonald’s.  The thing that stops me is the memory of the acute physical reaction that I get about five minutes after eating it, which is a lovely combination of nausea and feeling like my stomach is full of golf balls. 

I usually crave very specific things at McDonald’s.  Sometimes it’s the pickles on the cheesburger, sometimes it’s a hot fudge sundae (my God, do you know what they add to the ice cream to make it soft serve?) and more often than not, it’s a Filet-O-Fish.  Most people think that’s weird, but it’s what my parents got me when I was a kid, and that branding experiment sure worked on me.

Thankfully, the craving usually passes and I can be rational about the whole thing. 

I’ve also really been craving an A&W Teen Burger lately.  That can probably be remedied by a trip to Vera’s Burger Shack.

nuba, land of pink pickles (pinkles?)

I’ve walked by nuba a million times and it’s always packed. Now, I’m not big on middle eastern food. I like it enough, but I’ve had enough bad late-night falafel experiences to be a little bit wary. Clearly, nuba is in a different category entirely.

The menu consists of mezze, pitas and plates – that is, small, medium and large portions. The mezze plates ($5 – $6.50) come with pita and pickles; the pitas ($5.25 – $9.50) come with lettuce, tomato & pickle; and the plates ($9.00 – $11.00) come with taboulleh, salad, hummus, pita, and your choice of brown rice or roasted potatoes. There are lots of vegan, vegetarian and meat-containing choices, and they serve organic vegetables whenever possible.

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