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I’m a Vancouver-area writer with a background in chemistry and culinary arts. I used my Master’s degree in organic chemistry to understand my studies at culinary school, where I specialized in French pastry and artisanal chocolate. After a few years of working in kitchens, I realized that I prefer eating, reading and writing about food than working 16-hour days with it.

I constantly think about food, where it comes from, what you do with it, how it tastes, how it’s presented, and how you can make it better. Food, and food writing, is a way for me to nurture my dual interests in science and art. You can’t really understand cooking or baking without understanding the science of flavour and texture, nor can you blindly apply science and expect good food to result.

Food is the one thing that affects all of your five senses at once: you smell the aromas, you see the plate, you hear the sizzling of a hot plate or the crunch of something crispy, you feel it on your tongue, and of course, you taste it.  It’s the perfect marriage of science meets art.

In real life (whatever that is)

I’m a copywriter, web writer and editor who takes unorganized, specialized information and translates it into something that’s appropriate for the target audience. I specialize in ghost-writing byline articles, op-eds and blog posts for the financial services industry. I also freelance for a number of print publications, notably Edible Vancouver and Northwest Palate.

I’m a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) and am the editor of WORDS, the quarterly newsletter of the IACP Food Writers, Editors and Publishers Section.

I have a weakness for whiskey, dogs with short legs and random acts of dancing.


10 responses to “About me

  1. It’s fascinating to read about people who opt for work that combines arts and science. How someone manages to integrate the two becomes their process. Your story tells me why you became that well tempered chocolatier. It’s all natural!

  2. Congratulations on your best of 604.

    Love to chat anytime.

    Looks like we have some things in common.

    Joe, CEO Rouxbe

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you at Books to Cooks last night Eagranie. Congrats again for your best of 604 award. As promised I have spent the start of my work day browsing your site, which from has now entered my regular blog rotation. I will no doubt bump into you around town soon. Hope you enjoyed the wine.

    Jeff Bashford

  4. talkingtoair

    Did you go to Magee Secondary? If so, I think I was your teacher….?? Your name is very familiar — and unique. Saw a link to your blog from Miss604, who is a friend of mine…

  5. Love your site — Keep it up

    Hope to see you soon — Maybe in May???

  6. “I realized that I prefer eating, reading and writing about food than working 16-hour days with it” << I second that emotion! (The eating part, at least)

  7. What’s there not to like about chocolate?!

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