Fast food cravings

Every once in a while, I get this inexplicable craving for McDonald’s.  The thing that stops me is the memory of the acute physical reaction that I get about five minutes after eating it, which is a lovely combination of nausea and feeling like my stomach is full of golf balls. 

I usually crave very specific things at McDonald’s.  Sometimes it’s the pickles on the cheesburger, sometimes it’s a hot fudge sundae (my God, do you know what they add to the ice cream to make it soft serve?) and more often than not, it’s a Filet-O-Fish.  Most people think that’s weird, but it’s what my parents got me when I was a kid, and that branding experiment sure worked on me.

Thankfully, the craving usually passes and I can be rational about the whole thing. 

I’ve also really been craving an A&W Teen Burger lately.  That can probably be remedied by a trip to Vera’s Burger Shack.


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