Farmers on 57th

Heads up, Vancouverites. My good friend Karen is part of a team that is converting urban lawn space into a productive market garden. The space is beside the George Pearson Centre at 57th and Cambie, and the goal is to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers for the Main Street Farmer’s Market

Drop by on Fridays between 11am-3pm to say hi, help, or learn about their project. You can also sign up to get market newsletter updates. Email jkrashleigh (at) gmail (dot) com to get on their mailing list.

EDIT: I am so smrt, s-m-r-t. Here’s the latest newsletter from Farmers on 57th, just for you. It’s a sizeable file, so be patient.
pdf_icon_smallFarmers on 57th newsletter – 16April2009 (1.6MB)


7 responses to “Farmers on 57th

  1. Awesome! I live on East 1st near Main Street and am totally looking forward to this new Main St Farmers Market. Plus I’m starting my own veggie garden this season so I might just stop by to exchange tips (ok, so I probably don’t have many tips to share, but I want to learn!).

    ~ j

  2. I think the Main Street market will probably do better than Riley Park. Plus, it’s closer to me. Do stop by the garden and ask them questions…although, I won’t be surprised if they rope you into a hands-on tutorial. 🙂

  3. A hands-on-tutorial sounds good to me!

  4. What a great initiative! I will definitely drop by… and admire from afar – I would not want my black thumb to jinx the project!

    I very much look forward to the Main Street market – and Trout Lake is opening soon too. Nothing speaks of summer like farmers’ markets 🙂

  5. Emmanuelle, I’m sure it’s not that bad – if anyone can remedy a black thumb, it’s these hard-working ladies and their team of volunteers. Do drop by, and we’ll see if by the end of the summer you aren’t a farmer in the making!

  6. wonder if the community garden they’re putting in at city hall will also supply the main street garden?

  7. e. – it depends on whoever’s running the community garden. Fon57 has decided that they’ll sell at the market, but that’s not always the case. Hey, it’s a good excuse to go talk to some of the gardeners at the city hall garden, no?

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